Better Detection. Better Protection.

Improving safety with breakthrough security imaging technology.


Real-time imagery. Captures subjects as fast as one image per second to video rates.


Camera is 12x cheaper than the most common systems in use today.


Can see from less than 10 inches to more than three miles away.


Compact, lightweight system is portable and easy to set up. Ideal for stowing and transport.

Public safety is one of the largest concerns faced by governments and security agencies as public and private places become targets for attacks. The detection and mitigation of potential threats in real time is essential to security and public safety. Steel City Optronics has developed a new camera that detects concealed weapons and explosives from almost any distance, on subjects in motion — before they become dangerous to people and property. This fast and thorough security screening of moving objects is a crucial ability in today’s rapidly globalizing, fast-paced world.

Metal detectors and security checkpoints are no longer sufficient to ensure public safety. Too often, dangerous threats are simply not detected by these traditional safety precautions, leaving people and property at risk. Since many recent threats have targeted public access areas ahead of the security checkpoints, a better security solution is clearly necessary.

Explosives and weapons that people are carrying, while in motion, currently go largely undetected in real-world situations. Steel City Optronics addresses these, and other, issues with our state-of-the-art millimeter wave security camera. In addition to security monitoring for public safety, our cameras can see through common obscurants like smoke, fog, dust and rain, making them ideal for situational awareness, object avoidance and navigation. For more information, contact us here.

Who We Are

Steel City Optronics is a Pittsburgh-based technology company comprised of engineers and scientists bound together to bring this new and unique technology to market. We are building a video-rate camera that can detect weapons and explosives left behind in packages, weapons hidden under clothing and contraband concealed in bags — with subjects in motion.

Our technologies make security monitoring, situational awareness, navigation, and loss prevention easier, faster and more effective than ever before. Vulnerable public areas like schools, hospitals, airports, universities and stadiums are seeking better security solutions. Our technologies answer this need and help protect people from terrorism and other criminal behavior through better security screening.

  • Experienced Entrepreneurs

  • NSF Grant Awarded



Charles Partee


Charles is a C-level founder in four startups and an early employee in four others, as well as working as an architect-level engineer in Fortune 100 companies. He is the author of 16 patents with others pending. Charles has 30 years experience in microelectronic MEMs and technical leadership of small teams. He has an M.S. in electrical engineering (CMU) along with five years of graduate work (MIT), including work in optoelectronics.


Kevin Magenis

President and CEO

Kevin is an award-winning business leader and successful entrepreneur with more than 25 years of building new and existing companies into global, cutting-edge multimillion-dollar enterprises. He founded Storage Genetics, which developed signal processing technology for the flash industry, obtained more than 50 patent applications, and sold the company to Micron Technology. Kevin also co-founded Cornice, Inc., the first company to produce the first consumer-oriented “micro” HDD, which was initially used for digital music and cell phones. Kevin began his career at HP in engineering and marketing. He has a B.S. in electrical engineering (OSU) and completed MBA course work at Stanford and BSU.


Dave Gates

VP Operations

Dave brings 25 years of experience in operations and materials management to Steel City Optronics. He has held executive positions in the Data Storage industry with Maxtor, Seagate, and HGST after beginning his career with Applied Magnetics Corporation. Dave holds a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara.


Greg Voss

Interim CFO

Greg Voss is an accomplished CFO and CPA with more than twenty-five years of experience in consumer packaged goods/food, manufacturing, software, internet/cloud, and broadcasting industries. Greg also has extensive experience in M&A, fundraising, private equity, internal and tax financial reporting, and budgeting and forecasting in multi-national, and multi-currency environments.


Steel City Optronics has developed a next-generation, advanced security camera that allows moving objects hidden behind obstacles to be seen. Our innovative camera is ideal for screening individuals, monitoring vulnerable public areas and navigating through common obscurants. This type of camera has been identified by the Department of Homeland Security as the most promising for the detection of body-borne explosives and leave-behind devices at public events. The technology is related to the millimeter wave machines common in today’s airports, but Steel City Optronics’ cameras offer myriad advantages over existing systems:

  • Our camera operates at video rates. It can screen people as they walk by and images remain clear.
  • Our cameras are significantly less expensive than existing systems.
  • The cameras are about the size of a satellite TV dish, and weigh less than 30 pounds, so the system can easily be collapsed for stowing and transport. This means that it is portable and can be moved as needed to large public gatherings or special events.
  • The cameras can be ceiling-, wall- or floor-mounted, allowing for flexible set-up and freeing up valuable floor space.
  • Our camera penetrates packaging, bags, clothing and more to identify both metallic and non-metallic objects at distances of 10 inches and further. Additionally, the cameras are able to produce images during the day or at night with identical results.
  • The cameras can be mounted innocuously at entrances to public buildings, like airports, rail stations, hospitals and courthouses.
  • The cameras can be mounted on a moving vehicle or ship to see in poor visibility. They penetrate many common obscurants such as fog, dust, smoke, haze, sea spray, snow and rain.

This represents an order of magnitude leap forward in capability, usability, cost and portability.

What is millimeter wave?
Millimeter wave is a naturally occurring light from the sun, like infrared or UV. It was reported that the airborne millimeter wave equipment could be used at night, and in bad weather, unlike the visible or infrared systems. Those first cameras were slow and crude, but showed potential. Development has continued, and today, systems using millimeter wave light are widely accepted: from security screening to 3D body measurement to self-driving cars.

The Steel City Optronics cameras harness the unique properties of millimeter wave light to see through things that block visible light. Experiments show that millimeter wave light sees metallic items, non-metallic explosive materials, 3D-printed and ceramic weapons and other objects. It can penetrate packaging, like duffel bags, backpacks and boxes, to see what is inside. It can see contraband hidden behind objects or under clothing.

Millimeter wave radar has been used to penetrate smoke and dust and safely land helicopters in brownout situations. Not only does millimeter wave light see through smoke, it also sees through other airborne obscurants like  rain, snow, fog and haze. There has not been as much adoption of millimeter wave in this area, because of the slow image-formation speed, large size and high costs with current systems.

As the pressure to find new security solutions for new problems increases, more organizations are turning to Steel City Optronics to keep people and property safe. For more information, contact us.

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